Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA


Tree: Utah Colemans

City/Town : Latitude: 41.8382622, Longitude: -111.8327229


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cantwell, Mary  03 Apr 1873Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I439 Utah Colemans 
2 Coleman, Albert Ferris  26 Aug 1913Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I329 Utah Colemans 
3 Coleman, Alexander S.  08 Oct 1870Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I154 Utah Colemans 
4 Coleman, Benjamin  02 Sep 1862Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I12 Utah Colemans 
5 Coleman, Earl  22 Mar 1901Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I441 Utah Colemans 
6 Coleman, Floyd  01 Mar 1908Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I460 Utah Colemans 
7 Coleman, Franklin  18 Mar 1868Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I319 Utah Colemans 
8 Coleman, Franklin Duane  18 Nov 1897Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I440 Utah Colemans 
9 Coleman, George  01 Dec 1902Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I334 Utah Colemans 
10 Coleman, George Henry  23 Mar 1905Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I364 Utah Colemans 
11 Coleman, George Smith  20 May 1866Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I153 Utah Colemans 
12 Coleman, Glen  23 Dec 1907Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I365 Utah Colemans 
13 Coleman, Hyrum  19 Aug 1868Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I14 Utah Colemans 
14 Coleman, Hyrum Smith  08 Mar 1904Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I363 Utah Colemans 
15 Coleman, Ivan  24 Sep 1910Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I366 Utah Colemans 
16 Coleman, John  06 Nov 1866Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I13 Utah Colemans 
17 Coleman, John Elmer  08 Sep 1891Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I360 Utah Colemans 
18 Coleman, John Myron  23 Mar 1898Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I403 Utah Colemans 
19 Coleman, Lawrence Robert  29 Aug 1915Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I462 Utah Colemans 
20 Coleman, Leo Benjamin  01 Aug 1891Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I332 Utah Colemans 
21 Coleman, Lorin Hamer  01 Apr 1903Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I442 Utah Colemans 
22 Coleman, Melvin  08 Apr 1914Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I461 Utah Colemans 
23 Coleman, Orval  23 Sep 1901Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I362 Utah Colemans 
24 Coleman, Prime Henry  24 Apr 1871Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I15 Utah Colemans 
25 Coleman, Robert  18 Jul 1872Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I321 Utah Colemans 
26 Coleman, Samuel  14 Apr 1870Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I158 Utah Colemans 
27 Coleman, Sylvester  29 May 1870Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I320 Utah Colemans 
28 Coleman, Thomas William  07 Jan 1893Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I333 Utah Colemans 
29 Coleman, Vern Henry  08 May 1905Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I335 Utah Colemans 
30 Coleman, Weldon Sylvester  04 Nov 1902Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I459 Utah Colemans 
31 Coleman, William Ervin  02 Jan 1896Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I361 Utah Colemans 
32 Craghead, Harriet Rose  23 Jun 1869Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I331 Utah Colemans 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Coleman, Hyrum Smith  09 Apr 1904Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I363 Utah Colemans 
2 Coleman, Robert  18 Nov 1872Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I321 Utah Colemans 
3 Coleman, William  12 Feb 1910Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I7 Utah Colemans 
4 Coleman, William Ervin  22 Oct 1975Smithfield, Cache, Utah, USA I361 Utah Colemans